Swag corner stories - 2. The DevCon badge

A trip down memory lane, from the swag corner of my office. part 2.

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    After BeerJS Skopje became popular and filled the event venues consistently, we started thinking about doing more. We’ve been discussing doing an indie conference for some time, but it didn’t go anywhere.

    Back then, BeerJS Skopje had Melon as the biggest and most consistent sponsor (thanks, Petar, Maja, and Martina). As luck would have it, they were also looking to start a conference. I don’t remember who exactly gave the name, but “DevCon” sounded pretty nice for what we wanted to do. So we had a decent first conference. After this, the pandemic happened.

    Fast forward to May 2022, the people at Melon had a renewed interest in making this thing happen again, and team BeerJS Skopje offered to help once again. So I got to MC the conference (again). Since then, the event has grown, and it has gone international. We’re happy that it did - it’s lovely to see something find its own way to grow.

    Still, team BeerJS Skopje isn’t done. We have some cool stuff to announce for 2023. Bigger stuff. Stay tuned 😉

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